YesWeStock is a user focused, convenient and transparent storage solution


You are required to give as much accurate information as possible concerning the storage space. All photos, measurements and descriptions must accurately reflect what the client will find.


Please respond within 24 hours to any inquiries you may receive. The quicker the response time, the higher the chance you have of renting.


You must regularly update your reservation calendar in order to avoid being contacted for periods that your storage area is not available. This also permits YWS clients to quickly find another option.


Once you have confirmed a reservation, you must respect your agreement. However, if a cancellation is unavoidable, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible in order to find a solution. Please check our cancellation policy.


You must keep the storage space clean upon the arrival of each new tenant.


All amenities that you have listed on your page must be fully functional when the renter arrives.


We ask that you are present for when your renter arrives in order to explain any rules of the space, to exchange the keys, etc.


It is important to keep in contact with your tenants during the renting of your storage space. If you are not able to be in touch, it is important to give the details of a contact who can be of help to your renters. to exchange the keys, etc.


Reviews are the cornerstone of our community, as they foster a sense of security and support for future tenants. We encourage reviews to be filled in within 14 days after checking out.

No listing fees

Creating an advert is completely free and will always be free.

Communication is easy

Communicate with future tenants in order to meet them and to understand their needs. You then select the tenant who best matches your expectations. We also suggest that you read reviews on any potential renter.

You’re in Control

You are in charge of your adverts, prices, photos, and content. You can decide on how to formulate based on other adverts listed on the website, or head over to our advice section for tips on how to write your advert and for our price calculator to help you ask for the best price.

You have our support

The YesWeStock team is by your side 24/7. We will do our best to respond to any problems that may arise, and we insure you through a global insurer at no extra cost to you or your tenant.

Trust & Safety

Trust & safety tools help you accept a booking only if you're 100% comfortable.


In the near future, YesWeStock will be able to guarantee your belongings, in case of theft, accidental damage or other acts of God.

Secure Payments

Our fast, flexible payment system puts money in your bank account 24 hours after guests check in.